Winter Wonderland Stowe Elopement

Have you ever wondered what eloping in Stowe, Vermont was like? February 13th, 2022 was one of the coldest days of the winter and happened to be one of the most beautiful. When Hannah and Tom reached out to me, they knew this; they wanted to get married in Stowe! Battling frostbite was worth it for these gorgeous photos of Hannah and Tom, who, from Boston were used to a little cold.

If freezing your fingers off sounds more fun than getting your nails done, then maybe elopement is for you.

The Process of Getting Married/eloping in Vermont is actually pretty easy!

“An eligible couple must submit an application for a license in the Vermont town/city where one of the parties lives (out-of-state couples can go to any town/city clerk). The couple must pay the applicable fee and will receive a marriage license from the clerk.

The couple must have the marriage solemnized (i.e., have a ceremony) within 60 days of filing the application.

Once the ceremony has been performed, the person who performed it has 10 days to send the license back to the city/town where it was issued.

The city/town clerk will then file the original and the couple can receive an official certificate of their marriage.” (

Typical cost – $100 for a temporary marriage license, $60 for a marriage cert, or $200 for an officiant.

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